Sabato 23 marzo / ore 16.30-17.45
Palazzo Chiericati / Salone d'Onore
Piazza Matteotti, 37, Vicenza, VI, Italia
Tommaso Corà, head of Innovation Design TIPIC-Innovation by Design
Lucilla Fazio, head of Strategic Foresight TIPIC-Innovation by Design
Eric Quint, author, former SVP and Chief Design and Brand Officer of 3M Company, co-autore di Design Leadership in Azione (Post Editori)
Matteo Vignoli, associate professor Department of Management University of Bologna, founding member Challenge Based Innovation CERN
Ornella Sgroi, redattrice VeneziePost e collaboratrice Corriere della Sera

In a world where society is rapidly changing, where novelties are instantly commoditized and where markets are no longer segmented in familiar ways, how essential is design to play a role in creating meaningful change and relevant innovation? Whether organizations are small or large and often complex, companies recognize that sustainable business opportunities are driven by exploring future scenarios. Understanding the dimensions and mechanisms that shape the future is critical to successfully innovating and inspiring key stakeholders to take responsibility for that future. Without ideas and scenarios about the future, there can be no conversation about what the future might look like, let alone how to get there. Today's design leaders and creative professionals are driving innovation and progress by using their empathy to clarify how organizations can integrate their external context with their internal culture. Design plays an essential role in creating tangible visions of the future by visualizing scenarios that encourage dialogue among stakeholders and inspire collaboration and motivation to implement breakthrough ideas. Recognizing the role of creativity and design as an opportunity to foster innovation and drive positive change into the future within organizations will be a catalyst for shaping sustainable futures to meet the challenges we all face as entrepreneurs, strategists, and change makers.

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